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Gonna revive this account

2013-03-18 18:35:04 by WhiteSnake13

Now I didn't really do anything with this account since 2009 - and as you can see I only posted seome really crappy stuff back then.
But I feel like I should maybe give Newgrounds another try, because I remember this being a very nice and well designed place - and maybe, just maybe there will even be some people who'd care about my art.
In the meantime I've even been practicing some animation which I may or may not submit here.
Anyways let's see how things turn out this time!
Also I just wanted a post to overwrite my old one *cough*

My Art is submitted!

2009-09-05 05:33:32 by WhiteSnake13

I'm too lazy and too busy for animations so I'm really happy that newgrounds has an Art Portal now!
I submitted some of my little pics in a random order xD so the "latest" ones are the oldest and the older ones are actually the latest :S

But anyway...I'm getting more active at NG so if you need any animation,drawing or programming advice you can ask me^^ I have some experience,trust me.

I'm always happy about messages :D